Back in 2016 I decided to build my own photography company and took the flight to Mallorca to follow my dream. This is how My Moment Photography was born. Between 2016 and 2019 the company established long lasting collaboration with several 4-star hotels and increased its business profit with 15% every year. 
The company specialises mainly in hotel guest photography as well as in areal, sport, portrait and landscape photography. The wide variety of packages for private photo shootings encompass all kinds of events: weddings, engagement proposals, romantic or family session at the beach, maternity sessions or new-born photography. 
Building a brand from scratch was an amazing experience. Over the years the brand gained loyal clients due to its recognisable identity and the quality of its photographic services. All the visual elements were adapted according to the audience needs.
My Moment Photography used promotional materials such as posters, roll up banners, acrylic A4 boards and business card stands. They were purposefully placed at the reception of the hotel as well as other key places with a high traffic of people. The objective was to make the brand more recognizable. 

Display boards placed close to the entrance of the main restaurant

Display boards placed close to the entrance of the main restaurant

The photos on the display board are the size of 21x15 cm and printed on Premium Luster paper (semigloss/almost matte finishing), the postcard - on Premium Photo Linen paper. The company considered the tactile factor when interacting with the photos. If the clients preferred other paper media type, they had a wide variety of choice - from glossy to canvas. 
Why print the photos? Nowadays, people keep their memories in the Cloud, on an external drive or on their phones. They rarely print their pictures. Over the years, the positive feedbacks were endless. Our clients were very happy to physically touch their memories. The whole tactile experience is different when you can feel the texture, the thickness and the smell of the paper. Furthermore, the clients had the option to purchase the digital files of their photos. 

Old price list

New price list 

A4 poster, landscape orientation

Name tag and some of the products the company offered: keychains and 2in1magnet/frame

Every family cherishes the time spend together with their loved ones. My Moment Photography's goal was to deliver high quality professional photos and capture those genuine smiles that deserve a place on the photo wall. Here are some possible visual solution to display photographs.  
If you would like to see more pictures done by me, click on the button below to explore galleries like landscape, action shots, aerial and much more. 
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