Over The Bloody Moon is a platform that informs, educates and empowers women to own their menopause. It provides tools, a team and a tribe to help make menopause transition a positive one. 
The project was to create a pack of menopause self-care cards that will be used as a supportive tool to introduce healthier future. The pack contains 52 cards, each one represents a different weekly challenge. The more you repeat the challenge, the easier it will be to turn it into a lasting habit. All cards are illustrated and colour coded, touching different aspects to help improve menopause wellbeing. The cards cover 5 sections: body, brain, mood, mojo and sleep boost. 
The final design for the cards was achieved after several iterations. The dimension for each card, the illustration style, the layout, the selected typefaces and the box were all designed according to the user preferences and created in a way to deliver great user experience. The aim was to create something simple, yet mood boosting with bold colours and catching illustrations on each card to engage women to act upon improving their overall wellbeing during their menopause period and after it. 
The size of the cards is 130x85 mm. It was selected after printing several different sizes and tested with potential users who confirmed this size feels best and most comfortable in their hands. Paper media is 400 gsm Silk paper stock that enhances the tactility while interacting with the cards. The edges are rounded to preserve the cards durability and ensure that the cards won't misshape. 
I used a 6-column grid and a baseline grid to keep design consistency. Despite the small size of the cards, I ensured there is enough white space between all design elements. Sometimes it was challenging to fit all content for some of the cards, few needed additional graphics and some had short descriptions (few examples below).
I was the sole designer of the cards and was involved in all decision making from start to finish. It was great experience and I am thankful to Lesley Salem, the founder of Over The Bloody Moon, for this opportunity. Furthermore, I am very excited that my illustrations will be be used for future projects - a journal and a mobile application, both aiming to improve women wellbeing. 

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